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Category: Business Law

Breaches of Contract in Kansas

In our last blog post about contract law, we wrote about the interpretation of written contracts in Kansas, discussing the importance of the parties’ intent and the legal concept of ambiguity.  That post is fundamental in building a person’s understanding of Kansas contract law. We continue with the basics of Kansas contract law in this […]

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What Are the Potential Benefits to Filing a Federal Trademark Application?

In our last blog post about trademark law, we considered whether non-lawyers may act as representatives before the USPTO.  After reading that post, you now understand that a trademark representative must be a licensed attorney or a person working on behalf of himself.  Individuals who are not attorneys are not recognized to practice before the USPTO […]

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Why Owning an LLC in Your Own Name May Be a Big Mistake

Business interests are probate assets.  You read that correctly—the lengthy, expensive, contentious, publicly available probate process may involve your limited liability company’s membership interest or corporation’s shares in the event of a major accident or death.  Even some of the most sophisticated business owners do not realize this, resulting in a potentially dangerous planning gap.  […]

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