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Real Estate Law

Real estate has been around since the beginning of the world, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Its variations are manifold: commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, and more.  While some of the modern technology companies may have demonstrated an ability to prosper without a physical presence, many if not all of these companies have founders, employees, or contractors working in shared spaces (commercial real estate) or out of their homes (residential real estate).  Remote work has not eliminated and will not eliminate the need for real estate—it has just rebalanced the demand across the different types.  The use of real estate evolves concurrently with the evolution of our society and available technology.

People and businesses participate in real estate markets in different ways.  There are owners or investors, who often don’t occupy their real estate but rent or lease it to others; renters, or people or companies who lease any given type of property for a fixed period of time (usually months or years); developers, or people who develop and improve raw land into properties with greater utility; renovators, or people who undertake an effort to refurbish properties to make them more attractive or functional to the consuming public; and facilitators, or professionals who participate in the purchasing, leasing, selling, or exchanging of real estate, such as real estate attorneys or real estate agents.

Real estate tends to involve large dollar amounts whether viewed from the lenses of commercial tenants, residential investors, homeowners, or agricultural owner-operators.  Real estate is not like stocks of publicly traded companies that can be bought and sold for a mere few dollars in a matter of seconds.  Real estate usually involves—at a minimum—tens of thousands of dollars and a slew of facilitators working together to evaluate or close the transaction.  Utilizing the services of an experienced real estate attorney, a worthwhile engagement given the amount of money and complexity customarily involved, can make the difference between getting a good deal and getting a bad deal, or being appropriately protected and being subjected to extensive risks and liabilities.

This law firm is routinely engaged to advise new or existing clients on real estate matters throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and across the states of Kansas and Missouri.  Below is a representative sample of our capabilities:

– Draft, review, and revise leases, amendments, and warranty and quitclaim deeds for single-family residences, condos, agricultural properties, raw land, and owner-occupied buildings

– Facilitate purchases, sales, and 1031 exchanges of commercial, residential, and agricultural properties

– Assist with landlord matters, and advocate for landlords in commercial or residential disputes

– Create term sheets, purchase and sale agreements, and disclosure documents

– File and defend claims and lawsuits in the state courts of Kansas and Missouri, including causes of action for partition and breach of contract

– Advise homeowners without real estate agent or broker representation in for sale by owner (FSBO) transactions

– Transfer and retitle properties owned individually to LLCs or revocable trusts

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