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Appointments ¹²³

Scheduling appointments with a lawyer shouldn’t be hard.  Rather than exchanging emails, text messages, or telephone calls to find mutually convenient meeting dates and times, we offer potential new clients and existing clients the opportunity to schedule with us via this page!  You can forget about the hassle of providing multiple different time slots, best days to meet, etc.  Just use the links below to find out when we are available and choose the opening that best suits your needs.

Our firm’s standard hourly rate for calendar year 2024 is $375.00, but we currently offer prospective or new clients a one-hour initial consultation for a discounted fee of $300.00.  Appointments are available in person or remotely for business law, employment law, intellectual property law, and real estate law matters.  The firm’s hourly rate is typically reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis.  For calendar year 2025, the firm’s hourly rate is projected to be $400.00.

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The best way to get on our calendar is to schedule using an appointment link.  We definitely have the capability of trading communications to identify mutually available date and time slots, but we find that booking an appointment with the Calendly app is a smoother and more efficient process.  In any event, we look forward to meeting with you, whether that is via telephone, videoconference, or in person!

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¹ Subject to confirmation and other restrictions; appropriate contact information and description(s) must be provided.

² The information contained in and transmitted through this website, or affiliated websites (if any), is in no way intended to create nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send or provide any information that you deem to be valuable, proprietary, privileged, private, or otherwise confidential.  You are not a client of Kincaid Law KC, LLC or Matthew T. Kincaid unless and until you receive a written engagement letter and subsequently return that letter to Kincaid Law KC, LLC after its review and execution.

³ For those participating in an initial consultation, you understand and agree that an initial consultation, by its very nature, cannot possibly address all relevant or material considerations and that you may need some, or even a significant amount of, additional legal services. The purpose of an initial consultation is not to render a definite legal opinion. It may be impossible to fully assess a matter within the timeframe allotted for an initial consultation.