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Why Owning an LLC in Your Own Name May Be a Big Mistake

Business interests are probate assets.  You read that correctly—the lengthy, expensive, contentious, publicly available probate process may involve your limited liability company’s membership interest or corporation’s shares in the event of a major accident or death.  Even some of the most sophisticated business owners do not realize this, resulting in a potentially dangerous planning gap.  […]

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Be Careful When Selecting Domain Names

When a new company is being formed, founders should pay careful attention to Internet domain names.  An Internet domain name is a unique address by which an Internet resource can be identified and found by a Web browser accessing the Internet.  Well-known examples are “” and “”. Entrepreneurs must take into consideration the availability of […]

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Trade Name Infringement

Blue Ribbon Feed Co., Inc. v. Farmers Union Cent. Exchange, Inc., 731 F.2d 415 (Cir. 1984) is a case in which a company vindicated its rights in its trade name and demonstrated that, under certain conditions, the user of a trade name is entitled to protection against infringement of that trade name in the same […]

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